Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MiCho - the Story

            At an early morning in the land of mushrooms, a plant shaped like a snake opens its lid and sprouts out a piece of rice cracker. Micho the rice bug lives in this jungle, and eats rice crackers for a living. Micho is standing on top of a tree, he sees the plant sprouting out cracker from above, then realizes it's time for breakfast. Micho jumps down from the tree and grabs the cracker from the plant. Just as he is about to eat it, Bii, the blue bird with extremely big eyes and head with a tiny body and a bow tie, snatches it from Micho and knocks him down. The impact of the hit made Micho fall right on top of the plant and thus killing it. Micho gets upset and chases Bii to get the cracker back. Micho trips on a mushrooms and falls down to the lower section of the land. Bii realizes that Micho is not moving from the fall so he flies back to check on him. Micho jumps back up alive, from the sudden startle, Bii quickly flies away.
            Micho takes out a stick from his back and did a pole volt jump to get in the air and catches Bii by the tail. Bii tries to shake him off and suddenly bursts out a fart at Micho right in the face. The stanch of it made Micho drop down to another cliff below them.
            Micho falls onto another cliff and knocks a giant golden cracker off its plant from the fall. Micho sees the bigger cracker with joy and ties it around his body so he can go home and enjoy it himself. Just as he is about to leave, he hears a squeak from behind. When he turns around, Bii is smiling at him, Bii jumps towards and tries to snatch the cracker away from him. Bii sees something behind Micho with fear and lets go of the cracker immediately in a sudden move. Micho does not know why Bii had let go, but he thought he won the battle. Something breathed from Micho's back, Micho turns around and sees Gloob, a giant purple creature. Gloob wants the cracker as much as Micho does. Micho does not want to give it up so he flees quickly away from Gloob.
            Micho reaches the end of a cliff, when he is about to turn back, the cliff starts to crack a little. Micho sees Gloob coming, trying to signal him not to come, but Gloob decides to ignore him. As Gloob jumps right in front of Micho, the cliff breaks all the sudden. Gloob quickly flaps his wings and grabs on to the remaining part of the cliff. Micho swims to where Gloobs is and grabs on to his tail. Gloob could not grab onto it any longer because of how tiny his arms are compared to his body, the two of them falling down the cliff together.
            Micho and Gloob land on a cloud with some mushrooms. Micho finally gives up the cracker to Gloob. Gloob takes a step forward to reach the cracker, but because of his weight, he drops down from the cloud. Micho goes to where Gloob has fallen and laughs at him. He is joyful that he got the cracker successfully. As he is about to eat it, Bii flies by all the sudden and knocks Micho down the cloud and  grabs the cracker and flies away.
            Micho and Gloob are both tangled on vines from the cloud.

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